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Cannot access my Azure VM (And how I solved it)

Cannot access my Azure VM (And how I solved it) I was creating a new firewall rule in one of my azure VMs and I went a tad greedy when it came to blocking IPs... I blocked ALL the traffic.

What to do?

  • My first thought was to download the VM, make the change locally and upload it again... but it's 250GB.
  • I tried changing the firewall rule through powershell from the azure subscription but Get-AzureWinRMUri was not working.
  • Finally after asking a friend who asked a friend of his I was told it was possible to edit the registry of a windows OS disk form a different windows. Wow! That was the answer!

And, in fact, once I knew it could be done I found a detailed post about how to do it.

So I deleted my beloved VM, attached the VHD to another VM and from the registry I deleted the firewall rule that was blocking all the traffic.

Then I detached the VHD and created a new VM with it and ¡listo! we had the VM up and running and accessible.

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