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Where is my Windows 10 Upgrade?

That's obviously the first thing I asked myself today :)

It's in your desktop windows update!

Right click on the Start button and open the Control Panel.

Once there look for Update

Finally click on Windows Update and...

I am So Excited! Yes, I am that kind of person

Well... almost 3GB... I can't wait... I'll see you in a while... I can't wait!

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Is JavaScript The Emperor's New Clothes?

Script (computing), a small non-compiled program written for a scripting language or command interpreter.

If JavaScript has Script in its name, what made you think it would be a suitable language to base the whole web and half of the mobile software on it?

If JavaScript: The good parts is a best seller and it's only a 150 pages manual (50 are appendixes and only 2 are about beautiful features and I am pretty sure even Mr Crockford found it excruciating to write so many)

If you are required to migrate from one version to another every now and then because the software provider will only support your bits for the next five years, What makes you think it's a good idea to download and install in the core of your software a random minified js file that you can't read and you don't know where it comes from and, of course, was forgotten by its developer five days after he published it?

Will I work with it?

Of course I will, in fact I have been doing it for ages, just not at this level. If you can do anything with a Turing machine why not embracing a script language for making applications of thousands of lines? That's what the brave would call a challenge.

I have been creating classes and constructors and inheritance and it all can be done in JS but I am pretty sure translating ancient OO structures and patterns to JS is not the right way, probably that's my problem. Instead of embracing the new language I am trying to translate my old jokes. That will probably change with the time as I learn the new ones.

The fact that we have no other option plays a role here too. If you are working for the web you are free to use JavaScript or not to work for the web à la Apple.

Do I understand its advantages?

The learning curve is great as the basics are simpler. No types no safety net. No need of an IDE no great IDEs either, if you are used to Visual Studio you'll love loosing all the features you are used to. It can be executed everywhere if they have the right browser and that's not the case in many big companies. And a great community of fans à la Apple.

Do I like JavaScript?

Do I like a piece of technology that, if we are lucky, will solve 5 years in the future all the problems we solved with Silverlight eight years ago?

I probably will when both me and the technology are mature enough.

Of course I do, I want to be cool...

I learnt to love WPF but it didn't take this long.

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