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Developing is Painful in English Too

Why creating a second blog in English just to say the same stupid things that no one is interested in?

  • First of all, because is free.
  • Second, because I have a small but growing number of English speaking friends that are just as crazy as I am and they could be interested.
  • Third, because is a good excuse to practice my English.
  • Fourth, because I want to compare the impact of the post in both languages.
  • Fifth, because I want to demonstrate that there’s no need of knowing English to write a blog in English.
  • And sixth, never write a pentalogue if you’re not a parapsychologist or R.A. Salvatore.
For those of you that don’t know my other blog, I base my posts in the certainty that no knowledge is trivial, this allow me to write about really trivial topics that real developers already know, but in the other hand have proven to be really useful to me, because I tend to forget easily. Yes, this blog is a temple of selfishness.

I really hope this blog is of any use to anyone…

Welcome to Developing is Painful in English Too

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