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Not SharePoint nor SQL Servers are working on the Azure VM Role

As you know, if you read me, I have been trying to be accepted in the Azure VM Role beta program, well, I have finally got a meeting with the guys that could grant me access and they've asked me the most feared question... What do you want it for?

My idea was to set up a farm in the cloud with SQL and SharePoint so I could use SSIS, our BI cube, Reporting services and SharePoint.

Well, this Microsoft guys say that "At the moment that's impossible"... Looks like there are connectivity problems between the machines in VM Role so not SharePoint nor SQL are working properly.

The advice they have for me is to set everything up on Office 365. But, what happens to my BI cube and my reporting services if I can't use web services from the Office 365's sandbox? Hmmm they won't work, so I'll just have half of my solution working and the other half sadly forgotten in the recesses of my hard disk.

The solution they provide... wait until summer.

I'll try to convince my boss to give me six months off, but if this doesn't work I am going to be forced to look for another place to set up my farm on.

Oh and, in case someone doubts it, I wasn't granted the access to the beta program.

And in the meantime Google is giving away laptops for the developers to test their new Chrome OS...

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