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Debugging Windows Phone 7 applications

Finally I managed to upload and debug my application in my phone, but it wasn’t that easy…
First of all I found the instructions in this page
There, it says that you have to register in the App Hub before you are able to do anything with your phone (and it costs USD100…) the textual words are:

“You should register for membership as a Windows Phone developer before you begin creating applications because some development tasks, such as installing your application on a physical phone for testing, require App Hub membership”

Well this means you have to pay $100 only to be able to test the application… Pay before, decide later. I can’t say I like the philosophy.
Well, in the end my boss registered to the APP HUB with his personal Live ID. Huge mistake. We knew we could add up to three development phones, but no one told us that all of them should be linked to the same Live ID…  We thought you would be able to invite your developers to the App Hub or something like that, but no. And there’s no turning back, you can’t link your subscription to a different Live ID once you are registered… Not happy with this one either. Want to know how we solve it? With a great dose of trustfulness on his side.
Once you have your Live ID registered to the App Hub everything is easier…
I got to unlock and register the phone using  the Developer Phone Registration tool… Cool… Now what?
Well, now you have everything set up.
If you want to run your application in your phone anytime you want you have to deploy it with the “Application Deployment” tool as described in
Or if you prefer, you can hit F5 on your Visual Studio get the application running on my phone, and finally… Debug!

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