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Hiding the Scrollbars in the SharePoint 2010 Web Parts

After deploying the first alpha version of our solution in SharePoint 2010 I realized that my Silverlight web parts were showing ugly scrollbars. I noticed that if I change the height and width to auto they will disappear… but then my web part will not have the right size…
I read this post: and, as you could have guessed, I went for the inelegant approach.
Then I found that the javascript code was in a picture… how inconvenient… and then I thought “I’ll show everyone that I can be as dull in SharePoint 2010 as I have always been in SharePoint 2007” Why not creating a post about that?
<script type="text/javascript">

 function HideScrollBars()
 document.getElementById('WebPartWPQ2').style.overflowX = "hidden";
 document.getElementById('WebPartWPQ2').style.overflowY = "hidden";

 document.getElementById('WebPartWPQ3').style.overflowX = "hidden";
 document.getElementById('WebPartWPQ3').style.overflowY = "hidden";

And after struggling with the new Content Editor Web Part for at least 15 minutes I finally managed to hide the vertical and the horizontal scrollbars in my web parts.
Now I can proudly send a picture of the site in the SharePoint 2010 view.

--- Update --- I have changed the web part code so we don't need to use this crappy javascript code.

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