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Connecting VS2010 to the new (TFS2012)

It looks cool and it’s free for 5 or less users, (looks like it will be free for bigger teams with the MSDN Subscriptions) how come we are not already using it?

We are indeed using it for our Windows Metro App but for our SharePoint 2010 code we are still using the good old TFS2010.

We have documentation about how to connect VS2010 to the new TFS but, as usual, I'm afraid it won't be that easy.

Our Visual Studios 2010 have already been updated with the Service Pack 1 so all we need now is the KB2662296.

This patch can be installed from windows update or downloaded conveniently form here.

The first time I executed the file it complained about some missing requirements. I checked that I had the SP1 installed in visual studio and it was… so ran it again and it worked the second time. Everybody knows software must work at least once every three times before it can be considered ready to be delivered.

It took a while to install and finally it required a restart of the computer.

After the installation and the restart I tried to connect to the new team project from the “Open new instance of Visual Studio” link but it didn't work.

OK, the next guess is to add the team foundation server from the VS2010 as always… CTRL+C, CTRL+V of the URL and click next… And it worked!

I can’t wait to see that burndown chart showing the team’s progress!


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