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A word from our clients

In the first executive briefing of 2013, StratexSystems invites two of it's clients to share their experiences at different stages of the Enterprise Risk Management journey.

The first keynote presentation was a case study from one of the UK's newest and fastest growing banks (Aldermore Plc) presented by their Head of Operational Risk, Kevin Pearce. This case study will tell the story of an organisation relatively early in their ERM Journey. It will include insights into establishing the ERM agenda and making it relevant in a fast growing organisation focused on delivering significant client and shareholder value.


The second keynote presentation will be a case study from the UK's largest financial services outsource provider (HML) and was presented by the Head of Enterprise Risk Management, Gillian Weatherill. This case study will tell the story of, and share the insights from a 5+ year ERM journey and how they achieved a 60% reduction in operational losses and a 23% reduction in capital provision within 18 months.


You can find more information on our Executive Briefing events, Webinars and Software Solutions at

Thank you very much Gillian and Kevin!

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