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SharePoint Transparent Data Encryption

SharePoint implements security at a user level, if you want to access a file and you don’t have the required permissions you will be blocked and that’s enough for the vast majority of companies, but…

- What happens if someone gains access to your database server?
+ They will be easily able to download the content database, connect it to one of their SharePoint servers and access everything even the branding.
- What can I do about it as a SharePoint developer?
+ Nothing.
+ Chill out SharePoint guy, if you want to encrypt the databases ask the database guy.

Yes, database administrators can encrypt whole instances of SQL using TDE. And it looks even easy although I’m happy I don’t have to do it.

- But encrypting everything will affect the performance of my farm!
+ Microsoft reckons it will be only a 3 – 5% increase.

You can get more info about this topic here and here (i.e.).

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