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Loving my Lumia 920

I was told that WP8 is almost like WP7, same look and feel, same tiles, same functionality… boring. I had my new phone on Wednesday and I tell you, NOT AT ALL.

The push notifications is now working as it should, every time something happens I get a notification. With WP7 this was true only for the email.

The mini tiles are a fantastic way of being updated on all your email accounts and apps without having to scroll. gMail, Outlook, 2 inboxes linked in one for the company product’s emails, my company email, phone calls, SMS, Whatsapp, Me and the calendar all there. It’s there. When I look to my screen I can see all at once.

The dynamic lock screen is also great, I have installed the free Accuweather app and it updates the lock screen with information. I am so relieved now that I don’t need to look at the window to see if it’s sunny…

Office, OneNote, Photos, everything is now connected to SkyDrive seamlessly and works as expected.

Skype integration is really good. For the first time I have been able to make and receive calls seamlessly with the mobile phone and the quality of the sound is as good as with normal calls (both over 3G and of course WiFi)

And finally the Nokia Apps. City lens made me feel for for the first time what augmented reality is, I had seen it but never experienced it. All the Here apps are great, very well finished, I have used mostly HERE Transit. And of course Nokia Music, I don’t know yet how it works but so far I have been able to listen to a lot of good music of my choice completely for free.

It could be that we are in that phase of the relationship but I was expecting a dull, more of the same phone and I found a very exciting device that really improves the productivity and has a big screen for games.

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