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From Developing is Painful to Code Grimoire

Yesterday I didn’t write anything because I spent the time for the writing in buying a domain for the blog. You might have noticed that the URL has changed already, the new look will come today, hopefully.


I have been called a freak just for using the word Grimoire, in case you don’t know what a grimoire is as my spelling dictionary did a grimoire is a textbook of magic.


I have always thought about the code a bit as magic, sometimes you can’t see why a bit of code doesn’t work and sometimes after you fix it, you can’t understand why it is working. That’s what I call magic.


Wizards spent their whole lives investigating, most of the time by testing and, after living in their towers for years and years, they managed to acquire a kind of knowledge that was completely foreign to the rest of the population, just as we do… except for the towers.


Every wizard would have a spell book or a grimoire to write down their findings and experiences, in the XXI century we use blogs.


I’ll change the branding of the blog, I don’t want it to look like a WoW page, it will be clumsy, but maybe just a bit more esoteric than it is now.


Hopefully Adam will help me with it.

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