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University courses for free? Coursera

Education for free. It doesn't get much better that this.

I heard about this courses just a month ago and I have joined two. The fist one starts next Monday so I can't say yet how good they are or if they are worth it, but they really look as if they are.

I have joined a course about artificial intelligence and another one about programming.

Artificial intelligence is a very interesting field in which I have no experience at all. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to add a bit of intelligence to whatever solution you are working with at the moment? I think it could add a lot of value to some things I do and if it doesn't I still get my curiosity satisfied.

And the course about programming is also interesting, if things have changed in the last 10 years I want to know and if they haven't I want to remember how it was like :)

Before I join any more courses I'll try to finish these two, but I already have my eye set on a pattern oriented architectures for concurrent software course...

Why don't you join me at

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