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Changing the Branding on Blogspot

After changing the name of the blog it needed a new look.

My first choice, as always, was to try to do it by myself. I thought about it for a while, I'm awful when it comes to design and Quite Surprisingly now I don't have the time to play the One Pixel Up - One Pixel Down game so I tried to find some templates.

Great idea! There are thousands of blogger templates out there and even better, most of them are free.

I got mine from Deluxe Templates and the hardest part was to chose one. I wanted something more fantastic but finally I decided for this one because it looks more professional. The name of Code Grimoire is weird enough, I don't need the picture of a lich even though I would like to have one.

The only thing you have to bear in mind when changing your template is that most of the content of the widgets will be lost and replaced by the one in the template so make sure you have it saved somewhere before you upload the new one.

The way of applying the new template is really easy, in Template click on the button on the top right corner's button and upload the new template. After that go to design and play around with the widgets until you are happy with your "new" blog.

I was so easy now I will be tempted to do it again... soon...

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