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SharePoint Makes you Humble

I have learn this well enough during the last seven years. SharePoint is a hard beast to tame, so hard I have never met anyone working in this platform who claims to know everything about it actually if anyone had I would regard it as a proof of complete ignorance.

In a world where trying beyond extenuation is common and the deadlines are pressing you find individuals whose levels of tolerance to frustration are sky high.

You definitely need a sense of humor to be a SharePoint developer. I would even say a taste for black humor.

I remember smiling back in the 2007 after selling a SharePoint based solution when the client asked my for the instructions manual of SharePoint.

There are so many things working together in so many different places that it's really easy for some small and hidden piece to make the whole farm lose balance. Do you remember the books of the D'nis? something like that.

I am writing this because I am four posts short for completing the Ultimate Blog Challenge and it has been impossible for me to write on the last four days... but I won't give up. Not when I am so close.

As a SharePoint Developer I can overcome any issue or workaround it

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