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Saturday Afternoon Fever

Isn't is nice to work in the night when everyone is sleeping or in a Saturday afternoon when everyone else is having fun with their friends and family or simply resting after the week. If you want a short answer No, it's not.

But if you want a long answer...

The world is quiet, no one asks you anything, no phone calls. It's the perfect ambiance to dive into The Zone for a couple of hours in a row.

  • You chose the exact time when you want to start to work
  • There's no noise around
  • No meetings
  • No calls to see how you are doing
  • No emails with new problems
It's just you and your code.

I know there are coders who don't recommend it... You can be against the zone but you know you like it.

And as it's Saturday and I have to code that's where I'm going now.

See you later.

Please do not disturb.

No wonder why my weeks are so long and my weekends seem so short to me.

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