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Battery and Shortcut Tiles for WP8

As you know I had my WP8 device some weeks ago. One of the things that annoy me of Windows Phone is  having to go to Settings>Whatever>What you want and I do it a couple of times a day every day. That's being annoyed twice every day and that makes a total of 730 times annoyed every year.

I thought, Great! I am going to make an app with shortcut tiles and I am going to have finally an useful app in the store, one that makes sense.

While I was downloading the SDK I thought it could be good to have an app that tells you about the battery level in a tile. "Someone should have done this, I'll go to the marketplace and grab one" And I was right.

In the marketplace I found Battery, a great app that shows a chart with the battery life, has statistics about everything, tells you the battery level beautifully and even the estimated amount of time until the next charge. Fantastic app! this guy has thought of everything! But, what's that? Oh not again Yes. Shortcut tiles.

The app also provides a set of shortcut tiles. And they work beautifully. WiFi, Location, Bluetooth, Flight Mode and Mobile Network. And my plan was to create shortcut tiles for WiFi and Flight Mode only...

Obviously I am not going to create the app for the shortcuts, there are plenty in the market. But if you read this post and have a WP8 give this app a go. It helps you work faster with the phone and I think the tiles make it a bit geekier. Now I feel happy of using those shortcuts and that makes me happy 730 times a year.

Will I come up with a good idea for an app?.

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