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Go Electronic at More Levels

We live connected to the phone, the computer, the tablet, the TV...

We work creating bits of information, but not bits as in pieces, I mean bits like the ones when you put eight of them together make a byte.

Maybe we should change the direction and start doing more things analogically but it's also cool to go with the flow and find yourself doing more things electronically... like smoking.

I know this is completely out of topic in my blog, but I am three posts late in the Ultimate Blog Challenge and I can't think of anything else light enough to be posted on a Sunday.

I have tried the SkyCigs and they are... interesting. It's not the same as smoking a real one but only because of the taste. The smoke is nice, the cigarettes are nice, they have a kick.

If you are bored enough give them a go. In my office two of the guys are already smoking just e-cigs that's a 100% of the people who tried... Not counting me, I went back to the analogical ones because I need to do anything else than eating analogically until today.

Today I have decided I am quitting. Analogicals, Electronicals and everything.

I am one step closer to becoming a monk, in fact I consider my self closer to the monk ideal than most of the real monks except for the praying... well if I can't make something work and we are close to the deadline I am a monk with the praying and everything.

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